Twitter Updates for 2010-10-03
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  • @cheesycons sorry to be missing out. My body in a very obvious way said it needed to sleep in today. in reply to cheesycons #
  • Just learned a very important lesson: "No matter how bad the fight gets between two cats, don't interfere." #
  • In other news, there are now two cats who are leaving my home this weekend. F&@$ this helping out a friend by babysitting his cats bullsh$t! #
  • So I can print complex 3D barcodes using just my browser, but I need a special app to print a coupon? WTF!? #
  • @subhrokar hmmm? in reply to subhrokar #
  • I'm now at the lowest # of domains with @Godaddy in nearly 10 yrs. Likely have them all moved by EOY, maybe sooner if they piss me off again #
  • @tristan While this article is excellent: http://♶.ws/cPsL7H it still is a bit disheartening too. There's a new reader & I don't have it? :( #
  • @jeremynorris I moved some of the domains I was managing for others to Not sure where I am moving my personal ones yet. in reply to jeremynorris #
  • @johnfbraun airlines (who are incompetent in general) seem to handle avoiding duplicates just fine and yet I can print with no special apps. in reply to johnfbraun #
  • @tristan maybe not the right word. I've not used square hardly since getting my iPhone 4 because of issues with the existing reader. in reply to tristan #
  • @tristan saw it was a common issue so didn't raise a stink over it. in reply to tristan #
  • Very happy to see some of my 401k investments are back up to 20% avg annual rate of return over past year. Lowest one is 8% with three > 19% #

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