Twitter Updates for 2010-09-28
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  • @izs great! I more than welcome it. It's my first pub'd nodejs cli app (rushed one at that), so I'm sure there's lots that needs improvement in reply to izs #
  • @fraserspeirs if you find anything useable, please do a brief writeup on your blog! I've been unsuccessful in my searches. in reply to fraserspeirs #
  • @coates ummm.. I beg to differ… Altavista was a great search engine before Google. Not quite as good, but still very much a quality tool. in reply to coates #
  • @coates I honestly disagree. Google didn't win because their results were significantly better. Lots of factors went into that, including UI in reply to coates #
  • @lderezinski what's the repro steps? in reply to lderezinski #
  • @lderezinski always same disk or multiple disks? When finder sticks, can you hear drive spinning? in reply to lderezinski #
  • Things from Japan can be so frightening and yet so hilariously awesome at the same time. Today's case in point: http://♶.ws/clz1Uf #
  • @clarkcox ditto! in reply to clarkcox #
  • Just found the first thing in YUI3 that I hate. Sadly, I can't do: new Y.Anim({/* options */}).on('end', function() {/* handler */}).run(); #
  • @davglass hoooray! (now whistling the tune) "have I ever told you that you're my hero?" in reply to davglass #
  • I am so ridiculously low on blood sugar right now it's not even funny. Must rectify this problem before I face plant. #
  • Let's hope this causes the pink ribbons to stop spinning around me. (@ Subway Wolfe & Reed) #
  • I'm so sick of YouTube craptasticness! Doesn't matter where I'm (home/work/mobile) or which device I use, >80% have serious playback issues! #
  • @clarkcox agree! in reply to clarkcox #
  • @davglass and here you thought you needed C code. It just needed a bit oh time in the Glass house for jsdom to be whipped into shape. in reply to davglass #

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