Twitter Updates for 2010-09-25
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  • RT @chartier: I wouldn't touch a Verizon iPhone with a 10-foot pole even if Verizon *paid me* to use it. <— ditto! #
  • Google camera car keeps following me! I've turned several times and it is still back there… #
  • Starting a new trend: When there's a rude inconsiderate (aka "jerk") person who affects you, spotlight and call them out on it! #
  • He said "hell no" when politely asked to put his bag in the overhead instead of taking multiple seats #jerkofday #
  • @Benjamin_Leo yes! He was very rude about it. I wish I had a video of the conversation to show how arrogant he was. in reply to Benjamin_Leo #
  • @Benjamin_Leo Unlike him, when he got off & I took his seat, I offered 2 others with big bags to stack them on top of mine. Politeness FTW! in reply to Benjamin_Leo #
  • I'm trying to convince myself to move to the city. AT&T, your ass-tastic service last two times I'm here are not helping my case at all. #
  • Getting floor plan measurements and picking up a case of bourbon before dinner. (@ Paramount) #
  • Hungry? Join us! (@ Amber India Restaurant) #
  • Never seen this place so packed before! (@ San Francisco Caltrain Station w/ 3 others) #
  • @yipe yup! Thank god I stood in the right spot otherwise I'd not be on this train (easily more people than can fit on the train). in reply to yipe #
  • Hooray for best friends being in the city tonight! Was able to get off the standing room only train at 22nd street and ride in comfort home! #
  • It would seem that I've now got a twenty year supply (at my rate of drinking) of liquor thanks to the gracious donation by a friend tonight. #
  • The bourbon inventory alone turned up literally 21 different brands ranging from Bullit through 23 year old Pappy Van Winkles Family Reserve #

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