Twitter Updates for 2010-09-22
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  • /me is having fun making servers scream uncle. Just threw a million requests at a new cluster, now time to shoot the moon and go for broke! #
  • Holy shit Lockheed Martin has a boatload of people arriving at this hour. Worse than 9am traffic into Y!. Craziness. #
  • If I work fifty hours by end of day Wednesday (on track for that sadly), I get Thursday/Friday off, yes? No!? Well it seems fair to me! #
  • Talk about totally being at the right place at the right time: http://♶.ws/9FhZ4F <— so jealous! #
  • Holy crap! You can now get EPP discounts on iPads! Surprising change of stance for Apple… :) #
  • @koblas typical Apple EPP level discounts. Enough to cover Uncle Sam's cut barely. Just surprising they changed their stance on it. in reply to koblas #
  • Every time I have the opportunity to work on something new using YUI3 I can't help marveling over how awesome it is in just about every way. #
  • @Quynhism aman! in reply to Quynhism #

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