Twitter Updates for 2010-09-21
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  • @yipe I can help with a few of those. in reply to yipe #
  • @VxJasonxV can't get better if you give up every time your losing against someone. Practice makes perfect and all. in reply to VxJasonxV #
  • @VxJasonxV what does age have to do with it? in reply to VxJasonxV #
  • @VxJasonxV they certainly weren't meant to be the worst either. Your problem seems to be your own defeatist attitude and lack of ambition. in reply to VxJasonxV #
  • @jimpick There's actually about 10 things they are missing which people really want. WebSockets is roughly in the upper middle by what I saw in reply to jimpick #
  • One drawback to my current cube? The sun is rather annoying first thing in the morning. Totally worth it later in the day though. #
  • That was the fastest I've ever registered for a conference yet. Literally took like 4 mouse clicks to register for Macworld 2011. Awesome! #
  • Anyone know why a Evernote DMG magically opens itself every time I print to PDF? Really fing annoying and makes me despise you @Evernote! #
  • @SteveStreza tell us how you really feel in reply to SteveStreza #
  • @megarling :( in reply to megarling #
  • @pixelarchitect depends on if you are slamming Rails or are saying a CTO shouldn't have a grasp on getting code running (which I'd disagree) in reply to pixelarchitect #
  • Masochistically flogging myself creating igor rules from scratch. I'm gonna have a lot of welts and bruises by the time I am done. :( #
  • Just manually typed in by hand like 80 dependencies, ran the command again, got another 80+… /me cries :( #
  • yinst i ybsd_reimage; sudo reboot; …. FTW! >:) #
  • Gotta love being able to re-image machines in less than ten minutes from an SSH console. :) #

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