Twitter Updates for 2010-09-18
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  • Not only is @railsrumble hosting a tech event without a free t-shirt (somewhat ok), it costs $24 (WTF!) if you want one! /me looks for shark #
  • My iOS family of test devices, can you top it? http://♶.ws/cENii2 (p.s. not talking about quantity, where many beat me, but rather breadth) #
  • @zadr ditto… I'd love to have 3 more iPhone 3GSes, 2 iPhone 4s, & another iPad. Bootstrapping this all on my own doesn't allow that though in reply to zadr #
  • @thekarladam you got a pretty shitty camera. I love my iPhone 4, but it doesn't rival even my pocket P&S on anything other than convenience. in reply to thekarladam #
  • @zadr I'd drop 2.x on 3GS, not worth supporting IMHO. My plan would be 3.1.3, 4.0, 4.1, and <beta flavor of the week>. in reply to zadr #
  • @zadr Don't need a 3GS for that though I feel. I was thinking about keeping a 3G capable of running 2.x as needed. in reply to zadr #
  • @thekarladam me neither… I spend the money on my big camera, not on the P&S variety. I still stand behind my statement in general. in reply to thekarladam #
  • @zapnap I routinely get high quality shirts in 100-400 count quantities for less, so might suggest you consider switching print partners. :) in reply to zapnap #
  • @zapnap Typically events find a sponsor to cover the cost of t-shirts, or they don't do t-shirts at all. but anyway, just found it odd. in reply to zapnap #
  • @zapnap I've been to tons of hack events, virtual & not, and never been asked to pay for a shirt. Anyway, no big deal. Not like $24 is much. in reply to zapnap #
  • @sh1mmer you should hit up Max's Steaks at 3653 Germantown Ave. Best steak in town. Be careful, though, it's in a fairly rough area of town. in reply to sh1mmer #
  • @SaraMG Sure firriest way for me to denounce my citizenship is for her to get elected. in reply to SaraMG #
  • @sh1mmer uggh… so sorry… that was total dipshit of me… in retrospect why would you of all people want a cheese steak sandwidch… FAIL in reply to sh1mmer #
  • @SteveStreza hmmm… not sure I want to answer that question… in reply to SteveStreza #
  • @thekarladam he'd loan it to me before he'd do that. in reply to thekarladam #
  • Finding it comical that PHP has no easy (read, without using Reflection) way to dynamically get a list of constants defined on a class. #

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