Twitter Updates for 2010-08-28
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  • /me does a mini happy dance! Just got word my father is out of the hospital and back at home. Progressing very nicely I think considering! #
  • @stiiina super hot on you! :) in reply to stiiina #
  • RT @sh1mmer: I'll give anyone who makes a Node.js module for the Arduino libraries during @node_knockout $50 <– ditto! Make that $100 now! #
  • @yipe and why aren't you exchanging conversation topics? Need I link you the XKCD post on this very situation? in reply to yipe #
  • @yipe you two bittin skank! That's my place, you can't give it to @thekarladam! in reply to yipe #
  • When you're cloning out BG crap in an image & realize you're zoomed to 1200%, you know you're obsessed too much on making that photo perfect #
  • OH: "I wish I could use a healing brush to remove real dust from shelves and tables, much easier than using Pledge and a rag all the time" #
  • The drawback to asking someone's opinion solely because you think they of all people will agree w/ you? They might actually agree w/ you! :( #

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