Twitter Updates for 2010-08-24
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  • And the waiting has begun. About an hour in now and won't know anything for at least another three. #
  • @stroughtonsmith I can usually top that on one of my machines with a gigE port. Sadly, the ones at my desk are 100Base-T limited. in reply to stroughtonsmith #
  • @stroughtonsmith if you find one, let me know! Also, any pointers to MobileMail plugin source code would be great as I'd like to make some. in reply to stroughtonsmith #
  • @mager it'll taste a lot better if you keep the ingredients separate. It cost about $35-40ish next day air last time I did it I think. in reply to mager #
  • @yaypie ditto! in reply to yaypie #
  • Wow. LA traffic has nothing on China. China's 9-day traffic jam stretches 62 miles (/via @cheesycons @YahooNews) #
  • @pbur big huge thumbs up from me on them. Definitely love their service. in reply to pbur #
  • @kentbrew why use it? works like a dream with Exchange on Snow Leopard. in reply to kentbrew #
  • @pbur I canceled what I had left recently. Boxes overloaded and price to performance is lacking badly since RS acquisition, just as I feared in reply to pbur #
  • @rentzsch Yes! :) in reply to rentzsch #
  • What is it about grotesque people constantly asking Qs of strangers & doing other things to make you feel awkward (like touching my niece)? #
  • Introducing my family to Hulu Plus while back in the private waiting room trying to distract everyone from worrying. All are impressed w/ it #

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