Twitter Updates for 2010-08-20
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  • Very thankful that I have a team offsite today. Not going to be able to focus on a thing today at all until at least noon. :( :( #
  • Shit. :( :( #
  • Thankful for United 1K. The experience today with both reservation people more than makes up for past issues. #
  • Anybody want my spot at iOSDevCamp this weekend? Emergency circumstances are causing a drastic change of plans for me. #
  • Oh wow. Facebook ripped off @enomergo‚Äôs pull-to-refresh code. (via @SteveStreza) #
  • Failed as usual to find Creme Frache, but scored on Marzipan for a change. FTW! I think tonight I'm gonna be glad I have two ovens. :) #
  • Giving away (one of the) secrets to one of my trademarked baked treats that many love #
  • The "secret" ingredients roasting with the nuts is this varied collection + a dash of cinnamon #
  • And when they are done and ready to be chopped, they look like this. Important to not chop before they're roasted! #
  • Of course after you've put that much detail into the pecan roasting, you don't use a food processor to chop them #
  • Secret #2 revealed: beat the (not cold!) eggs and sugar together for 8-10 minutes until very thick! #
  • When the beating is done, the mixture is almost white in color #
  • Then you add the overly ripe bananas and the other ingredients (which will stay secret for another day) #
  • Finally mix in the roasted pecans, flour, salt, and baking powder and end up with this #
  • Butter and dust the pans like you would for any bread your baking #
  • And add the batter! From L->R: with pecans, pecans and chocolate chips, plain, and then one with extra pecans #
  • @janeylicious banana nut bread. I posted a "behind the scenes" on my magic on Flickr (if you missed my later tweets). in reply to janeylicious #
  • @nickE10mm read your SMS and you'll realize the appropriateness of your joke :( in reply to nickE10mm #
  • @VxJasonxV same reason why FireWire needs to exist even though USB exists. in reply to VxJasonxV #
  • My oven has been on for past ~5 hrs. In other news, I now have six loaves of Banana Nut Bread, 3 blackberry pies, and a strawberry pie FTW! #
  • Here's part of the result of the baking tonight #
  • And here's another part #
  • Here's one of the delicious blackberry pies I made tonight #

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