Twitter Updates for 2010-08-16
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  • @annekate screenflow should work well for that. in reply to annekate #
  • First baby lookout point! #
  • Made it to Eagle Peak a bit behind schedule. (@ Eagle Peak) #
  • View from atop Eagle Peak after lunch break. #
  • Low quality stitched panoramic from atop Eagle Peak taken with "See This!" #
  • Finally made it to the top. My LCL is utterly killing me, but it's great to finally conquer this hike. #
  • @souders I've got the 150w and it makes my 13" easily break 20 hours continuous use even while charging iPhone via USB on it too. in reply to souders #
  • Decided I'm in to much pain to drive home so getting some liquid pain reliever with dinner and letting my friend drive home. Yes, I'm wimpy! #
  • @mhedstrom thanks! Definitely wasn't in the proper shape to make it. Despite some moderate LCL discomfort and extreme exhaustion, was great! in reply to mhedstrom #
  • @mdhughes I could make pointed comments at that but won't touch it out of self preservation interest. in reply to mdhughes #
  • Now with Diablo down, I'm setting my eyes on returning to Mnt Whitney next year to finally conquer it. Going to train for 6m first this time #
  • @ChiperSoft hehe, yeah ligament along knee. I'd not know it either had I not done a level 3 separation of it and my MCL both 7 years ago. in reply to ChiperSoft #

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