Twitter Updates for 2010-08-12
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  • A paper trail of betrayal: Google's net neutrality collapse: http://♶.ws/apU7DN — if you're a GOOG employee, you should be ashamed, IMHO. #
  • "… various mainstream media outlets including Fox News, _Gawker_ …" http://♶.ws/cbhI1P — Gawker? "mainstream media outlets"!? Really!? #
  • @CalEvans mine's worked flawlessly since going to 3.2.1. I agree it was _bad_ in 3.2. I love it supports 5ghz though (looking @ you iPhone4) in reply to CalEvans #
  • @augustjoki Point well taken. :| in reply to augustjoki #
  • Since everyone else is whoring to be added to people's SXSWi panels, add me to the list. I'll bring beer. (via @ejacqui) – Ditto! #
  • @augustjoki I'm thinking the more iPhones you have the less sex you have, otherwise I'd be having sex all the time if the corollary was true in reply to augustjoki #
  • Happy to be mostly settled into my new cube even if it is somewhat temporary. No I'm not posting photos, we all know what happened last time #
  • @timburks @augustjoki me too if you have one to spare! in reply to augustjoki #

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