Twitter Updates for 2010-08-06
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  • @courtenaybird when you start getting fridges delivered to you next day air for $3.99, you wonder how they make any money on Prime. in reply to courtenaybird #
  • Yet another reason to despise Verizon: http://♶.ws/cbmcrH … And why the heck do you all want iPhones on them again? #
  • Found an unexpected feature of the Signal iOS app (via Cydia). It appears I can see everyone with AT&T MicroCells in their homes. #
  • @courtenaybird I've had probably dozen or more things shipped via prime weighing over 30lbs. They definitely can't have much margin with me. in reply to courtenaybird #
  • @lights can't wait to see ya again tonight in San Francisco! in reply to lights #
  • @AcmePhoto in formal settings I've been in, it was Dr. and Mrs. Acme. in reply to AcmePhoto #
  • @AcmePhoto Interestingly, never had a situation where I heard how it was handled if both were doctors despite having friends like that. in reply to AcmePhoto #
  • /me is wiping the tears from his eyes, then finding a weapon and hunting down the developers of So mega FAIL! :( :( #
  • Energy from a battery costs 1000x more than energy from an outlet + produces waste. Do your part and don't use batteries. (via @dosomething) #
  • @RandomHacks of Kindness in a feature article in Brazil's top tech magazine! See excerpts here: @poviera #rhok #
  • Quick dinner before the @lights acoustic performance. (@ Cortado) #
  • In line for the sure to be amazing @lights acoustic performance. Hope I don't turn into a Popsicle while waiting. Brrrr! (@ Cafe Du Nord) #
  • @VxJasonxV I'll write a blog post on it. Longer story than will fit in 140 characters. in reply to VxJasonxV #
  • @lights I'm embarrassing myself with a coworker by proving I know the lyrics to your songs on our way back to San Jose. ;) #yahoophotoguy in reply to lights #
  • Playing a game of Missile Command while listening to Rush, wondering which is worse, that I'm doing that, or that I'm now tweeting about it. #

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