Twitter Updates for 2010-08-04
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  • @yipe you're you. No further explanation needed, right? in reply to yipe #
  • Anyone ever seen a Mac do this on startup before? :( #
  • Anybody see predictions on how far north I need to go to get good Aurora shots from the large CME headed our way? #nasa #solar #
  • What I wouldn't do for a flight to Canada tonight by sundown returning by dawn. :( #
  • @joehewitt yes!! in reply to joehewitt #
  • Totally addicted to opening Signal on my phone everywhere I go. If you've not bought @planetbeing's app, you should. Worth the JB alone. #
  • @janeylicious ditto! Why my old phones are unlocked! With the new microsim the 4 isn't as useful for intl prepaid now anyway, so no biggie. in reply to janeylicious #

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