Twitter Updates for 2010-07-31
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  • Just learned there's a _massive_ beehive in my garage wall. You can really feel the wall vibrating even! #
  • @davglass @slicknet me neither… ;) in reply to davglass #
  • @yipe the owner of the condo complex is paying someone to liberate them and move them to a safe new home. in reply to yipe #
  • Downside: garage has a huge whole in the wall. Upside: there's thousands of bees being gathered for transport and gallons of fresh honey. #
  • @BrianHumphrey Unfortunately I won't, but one of my colleagues, @cheesycons, will be. She's amazing, so be sure & say hello if you see her! in reply to BrianHumphrey #
  • Good News: >100 pounds of honeycomb removed and ~90,000 bees + queen headed to a new life. Bad News: I'm w/o a garage now for a few days. :( #
  • @flawedartist holy crap! I so should have went this year. :( in reply to flawedartist #
  • @augustjoki I wasn't able to keep it all, but I did get several big chunks. :) in reply to augustjoki #
  • @augustjoki Most of the honeycomb had to be carefully preserved to insure the survival of the colony at their new home once they get there. in reply to augustjoki #
  • Fresh honeycomb. Man it definitely has a strong sweet smell of honey. The darker piece is "broodcomb". #
  • Old friend via SMS: "I bet they thought your garage was just the bees knees though! The buzz of the town!" #
  • @basictheory what do you think of it? I think mine will probably replace my mouse soon. in reply to basictheory #

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