Twitter Updates for 2010-07-26
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  • @ejacqui you're just saying that so they don't maul you to death next time you go to sleep! Smart move none the less. in reply to ejacqui #
  • @pbur it's only $30 for both. Not sure they sell separately since it's so cheap anyway. in reply to pbur #
  • @heathermeeker /me goes to poke you in jest then. :) but really, I agree, and _real_ email too (not fb crap mail). in reply to heathermeeker #
  • @jessykate you're more tech savvy than many hard core tech geeks. ;) in reply to jessykate #
  • @pbur agree! Good to know and thanks for replying back with the info. in reply to pbur #
  • RT @GlennF: Just saw 787 Dreamliner take off at Boeing Field. It was sleek and QUIET. Improbably so. — quiet!? That's impressive! #
  • @thekarladam it wouldn't be LA if it didn't take 3 hours or more to drive 5 miles on a freeway. Motorcycles are FTW there for a reason ;) in reply to thekarladam #
  • Last night, iPad worked as usual. Since waking up today, it's extremely sluggish in all apps. Please help with ideas why / how to fix! :) #
  • Not JB, rebooted several times. Networked apps seem the most affected, but even it's response to hitting the power button is sluggish too. #
  • @pbur yeah, multiple times. Rebooting (and response to just hitting power button) is even very sluggish! in reply to pbur #
  • Interesting random discovery. Apparently Calculator HD has floating point errors. Contrived example here: #
  • @schingler I've got an Optoma HD20 I've used many times in that type of setting and it works great for the price/feature set. in reply to schingler #
  • @GlennF the helicopter seemed a lot louder than the plane. What was the comparative range between them? #
  • @mojombo what I've typically done is make a screenshot of the text and cropped it. Pathetically basic, but it works. in reply to mojombo #
  • TeX rendering for the web using Javascript with MathJax: — pretty dang cool, but a bit slow on an iPad to render #
  • RT @cheesycons: Woohoo! Panera Bread pay-what-you-wish restaurant is expanding. – happily surprised this works so well! #
  • Re: @MathJax sure, minification will help, but saying don't worry with results like this seem a bit non-intuitive. in reply to MathJax #
  • @MathJax that was after they were cached. I had refreshed multiple times to get that speed (was 30+ seconds the first time). in reply to MathJax #
  • @MathJax yeah, speed isn't everything in this case and that page is example heavy, but definitely something to keep in mind. in reply to MathJax #
  • @cheesycons that's a prototype. The OLPC was a prototype nearly 4 years ago. Tech does get cheaper, so not surprised it's better. :) in reply to cheesycons #
  • @tychay _next_ year? PHP5 was released what, just five years ago? in reply to tychay #

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