Twitter Updates for 2010-07-25
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  • I guess it's possible, but every time I hear the @Toyota commercial claiming they spend $9 billion/yr on auto safety I feel like calling B/S #
  • Funny thinking how much some people change in five years. Take @iTod for example: #
  • @iTod hahahah. I'm sure a pseudo embarrassing post or two could be found on mine too. Never took you for a recovering Java fan. in reply to iTod #
  • Safari Books Online: A successful attempt to make reading a book so painful you'd rather disembowel yourself than endure it's torture longer #
  • @iTod It's also available via your website too if you know the path (which isn't hard to guess). :) in reply to iTod #
  • @simonw While I've seen others with such damage, I've got a dozen Mac power cables and more still of iOS cables and have never had one fray. in reply to simonw #
  • GitHub *just* crossed 1,000,000 repositories: (via @rtomayko) (via @davglass) #
  • Instinctive drowning response (via @hagus) #
  • XCode 4 is pretty pretttty nice. Wish the Android tools (err Eclipse) were even 1/10th as pleasant to use (and look at). (via @joehewitt) #
  • @rasmus I find what you just described to be a very rare occurrence (and I spend >$10k / year on Amazon). /me \u+2764 Amazon Prime! in reply to rasmus #
  • @rasmus Why do we need ftp(s) in a browser? Isn't the point of a browser to render web page content? in reply to rasmus #
  • If you haven't ever seen / read this page, you might find it an interesting read no matter what your skill level is: #

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