Twitter Updates for 2010-07-21
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  • @schwa ditto in reply to schwa #
  • Even after taking my usual sleeping meds, still woke up four times last night and now am groggy this morning. Body, why must you hate me so? #
  • @janeylicious I'd be very afraid. Very afraid indeed. Anyone who looks like @thekarladam who is acting "nice" surely has ulterior motives. in reply to janeylicious #
  • Wow… simply wow… #
  • @sampullara Even at it's highest theoretical speeds (let alone real world experience), Sprint's "4G" isn't 4G by the actual definition of 4G in reply to sampullara #
  • @jsnell @chartier you can pry my DSL from my cold dead hands. Cable modems are horrid with virtually every provider in the US. in reply to jsnell #
  • @jsnell once you try vDSL (aka Uverse in AT&T world) you will never think of using cable again. :) in reply to jsnell #
  • @mtabini I prequalify places I live before moving. I refuse to move into a place not within 5k of a RT (even less now that vDSL is deployed) in reply to mtabini #
  • @johnfbraun what's your upstream / latency / QoS? If network goes to pot when the kids get home from school in the neighborhood, then no ty! in reply to johnfbraun #
  • @natekoechley @yaypie they've never remote killed anything yet they yanked from the store, don't expect them to start now. in reply to natekoechley #
  • @zadr are you talking server side or client working copy side? in reply to zadr #
  • @ejacqui in the budget, but decent location and still quite nice category is Hotel Eaton. Stayed there briefly June 2009 and was satisfied. in reply to ejacqui #
  • Super disappointed to not be at OSCON this year, especially since it's back in Portland where it should be. #
  • @zadr normally git/hg would be larger client side because it includes full history for every revision in the repos, unlike svn. in reply to zadr #
  • @zadr have you done a 'git gc' btw? It can have a significant impact on disk space usage in some cases. in reply to zadr #
  • @zadr one test you can try: Do an svn export of the repo. Then do a git init & git add * / git commit on the export and check the size. in reply to zadr #

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