Twitter Updates for 2010-07-17
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  • @stiiina careful doing that if you've never done it before. You do know the side-effect of too much vitamin C, right? in reply to stiiina #
  • Hard to believe it's already been (or only been, depending on perspective) this long already… #
  • Actually 23 days early to be technical, but just got my five year Yahoo! gumball machine today! #
  • @LAFDtalk @BrianHumphrey Things are busy, but pretty well. Definitely take you up on the lunch next time I'm in town! You in DC for CC? in reply to LAFDtalk #
  • Ready to have your mind blown? This extreme low light _very_ stunning photo was taken by my mother using an iPhone 4 #
  • Decided to take on two new residents at my place for a friend who's traveling. Adorably cute! #

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