Twitter Updates for 2010-07-15
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  • Super surprised my best friend growing up picked up an obscure song reference by this alone just now: "fuck me I'm famous"

    Can you? #

  • Problem with having 67 diff bottles of alcohol (not including beer/wine)? Deciding what to drink when you just want something simple to sip. #
  • LazyWeb: is there a place to get a bottle of Coebergh Classic bessenjenever in the US? Hope I don't need to fly back to Holland to get more. #
  • Re last tweet on bessenjenever, this is what it looks like. Love tips on where to find it this side of the pond. #
  • @mdhughes ditto man! Used Linux as primary OS for almost a decade, despite that torture. #
  • @augustjoki why do you think I have so much (had way more, but stopped buying)? That way when people visit they can have their fave drink. in reply to augustjoki #
  • @augustjoki I'm a light weight lately and don't drink much, especially at home. in reply to augustjoki #
  • Having an interesting chat about the past decade. Friend & I can't believe that 10 yrs would make us go from AAPL abhorrers to near fan bois #
  • @VxJasonxV I dog Apple almost as much as I praise them, so yes, just /near/ fan boys, smartass! :P in reply to VxJasonxV #
  • @pixelarchitect yahoo! fan boy, sure. My name/car are in every published dictionary in past 5 years. Want to see my koolaid IV, ask @SaraMG! in reply to pixelarchitect #
  • @nickE10mm that's too much a typical "Johnstone" drink.

    Decided on a great (but overly sweet) drink for the small glass i poured tonight. in reply to nickE10mm #

  • @jhstrauss sounds actually like a lot of fun. How do I score an invite to such an evening chat? in reply to jhstrauss #
  • Re: @SaraMG no, it's the phone which reqs a stupid "death grip" to drop a call rather than /dev/urandom being < 1 to drop like normal AT&T. in reply to SaraMG #

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