Twitter Updates for 2010-07-09
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  • @izs here's a nifty one for ya which only works on integers… ((foo ^= bar) && (bar ^= foo) && (foo ^= bar)); in reply to izs #
  • Holy shit balls! Incredible how much flash memory prices have dropped. 64gb 400x CF non-generic brand card for $225!? #
  • @basictheory Dude… you should have seen the guy walking down the sidewalk just now outside Bldg D. Frightening, even by "goth" standards. in reply to basictheory #
  • RT @WSJ: Breaking: Scientists discover antibody that kills 91% of HIV strains. Significant step toward AIDS vaccine #
  • @bbum What is it? in reply to bbum #
  • I wish I could pull over and ticket cops. I've seen three different police cars today make offenses I've been excused of doing in the past. #
  • Bought a loaf of bread last night at Safeway. Looked at it today & there are bugs flying inside (never opened). Totally lost my appetite! :( #
  • @lights need help? ;) in reply to lights #

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