Twitter Updates for 2010-07-07
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  • @bgarlinghouse why not use to connect to exchange? is easily a very useable exchange client as long as you're on ex2007. in reply to bgarlinghouse #
  • @adurdin link to said png? in reply to adurdin #
  • Is AT&T capping iPhone upload speeds? [TUAW] — definitely happening in Kansas today and wasn't last week! #
  • Trying one of the "famous" muffalettas (@ Jason's Deli) #
  • TSA scares me. Agent at Xray: "why do you have three ipads?" … Course I only had one in there, but played dumb anyway. #
  • ICT @UnitedAirlines gate agent RULES! Flying on a free non-upgradeable ticket and still bumped me into First class based on my 1K status. #
  • Thinking I'm going to be coughing up concrete dust for a while now. Worried about my pops as I know he would have inhaled much more. #
  • @yipe ditto! Especially when flying internationally. in reply to yipe #
  • Had to divert to Grand Junction because we ran out of fuel circling Denver due to full ground stop there for t-storms. Still awaiting update #
  • @geoTC parachute would easily make that a fun ride! :) in reply to geoTC #
  • Still in Grand Junction, some passengers and I are discussing running down the stairs from the plane and hijacking one of the Cessna's here. #
  • @kettlewell yep! Denver is clearing up so hopefully this A320 will be airborne soon. in reply to kettlewell #
  • Still sitting on the runway in Grand Junction. Three hours later, the storm has had to clear by now, yes? #

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