Twitter Updates for 2010-07-05
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  • @macgasm I get a kick out of the links in people's bookmarks bar because they forgot to do the quick toggle of it off before screenshot. ;) in reply to macgasm #
  • American Drink: — this looks to be a good site to keep an eye on. /via @daringfireball #
  • @SteveStreza click on legacy software page. It's right there at the bottom of the page. :) in reply to SteveStreza #
  • @jrconlin it's amazing how few understand such a simple concept. Great post! #
  • BBQ coma is well in progress. Trying to avoid being sick from eating too much. :( #
  • @katmigo emails I reply too… :) facebook mails (or anything FB for that matter) I am proud to say I mostly ignore. in reply to katmigo #
  • @katmigo where's my birthday present? :D in reply to katmigo #
  • @Carlo backlit screens are great if you read white text on black background. Sadly, none of the ebook apps I know of offer that. Fail them! in reply to Carlo #
  • Current status as of this very moment in time… #
  • Fireworks show was supremely weak this year, but I got good HD video footage anyway I think. #
  • Cruising along at night back home. Virtually only lit by the stars in the sky. Love this!! #

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