Twitter Updates for 2010-06-30
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  • Microsoft is a diamond sponsor of O'Reilly's OSCON this year? Is that new or did I ignore it in the past? #
  • I seem to keep getting better at noticing big drop ops on WwF. Just played "inviting" for 95 points. FTW! Any new challengers up for a game? #
  • @VxJasonxV as long as you agree it was a punk move, I'd definitely play a game again if you're willing someday. in reply to VxJasonxV #
  • Cultivated Play: Farmville [MediaCommons] — interesting piece on the "sociopathic" game Farmville /via @gruber #
  • Pictures: Giant Sinkhole Pierces Guatemala — old news, but amazing photos none the less #
  • Just got my free birthday massage (@ Massage Envy) #
  • @thekarladam he would only do that for me, right @yipe? I might be interested even if I have to pay. Specifically 1g & 2g iPod touch. in reply to thekarladam #
  • @iTod no offense to @tristan as he's done really kewl stuff, but you easily have him beat since most of your stuff is F/OSS. in reply to iTod #
  • Will pay a reasonable finders fee for anyone who can hook me up with a Hulu Plus invite code. Any takers? #
  • @thekarladam that sure is a lot of full glasses there. in reply to thekarladam #

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