Twitter Updates for 2010-06-25
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  • @jamiei I wasn't referencing myself specifically. I have several "nontech" friends who claim that now. in reply to jamiei #
  • This man is my hero of the day. Took coffee orders at 5am and came back with the sacred juice as promised! #
  • There is easily 500+ people in the non-preorder line at 6am at Valley Fair. If you're not pre-order, I'd give up on it at this point. #
  • Hey Twitter peeps east of the Rockies, how are the AT&T activation servers doing? #
  • Standing waiting for AT&T guy to work his magic. iPhone 4 is almost mine! #
  • @rtmfd I just left there. The lines for reservations are about 3.5 hours long at this point and they expect it to get worse. Just FYI! #
  • Ummm… WTF!? My ICCID changed, I did not update my M-Cell, but yet I magically am pigging backing on it right now? Call me surprised. :? #
  • Ummm… As crazy as it sounds, I think I am with @janeylicious here. Once you use an iPhone 4 and see it's screen, iPad feels very inferior. #
  • Reading a story on @AllThingsD's "busy" layout website _without_ zooming in from a distance of over a foot without issue, tiny print & all! #
  • I think my 3GS is taking an extra long time to do it's final backup right now as it knows it's inferior ass has been replaced. Poor loser! #
  • iPhone 4 feels heavier than it should because it's carved from a slab of solid unobtainium. (via @augustjoki) #
  • @rtmfd I have every iPhone I've purchased so far still. Not sure if that's smart, but oh well. in reply to rtmfd #
  • Because of Apple issue (confirmed not AT&T's fault) caused by my phone, my mom is without phone service for 24 hrs. :( Man I feel like crap! #
  • @SteveStreza I've not "held" mine much, but I've made 4 calls, one from area usually w/o any coverage and one 2+ hours long and works great! in reply to SteveStreza #
  • iPhone 4: went to network menu, turned on tethering. No prompts to call AT&T, tethering not on my account, am I missing something here? #
  • @mhedstrom Which I am, which is why I am confused I could enable it. :$ I certainly couldn't do that on my 3GS w/ iOS 4 on it. in reply to mhedstrom #
  • I can't remember the last time I made it from work, through Ponderosa, inside garage, & into my apt on a continuous call w/o 1 drop #iphone4 #
  • For those who don't know, the "Ponderosa" area in Sunnyvale is where GSM signals go to die a miserable horrific death. #
  • Wondering what the over/under is on me falling asleep while sitting here waiting on hold for an Apple Senior Specialist to get on the phone. #
  • Want to read the most asinine article ever? (via @macgasm) #

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