Twitter Updates for 2010-06-24
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  • @someToast easily one of my favorite movies of all time! #
  • In my not so humble opinion, here's a fine example of 2 people who really know how to play Scrabble. /cc @adurdin #
  • Anybody used one of these iPad stands? Seems pretty flexible, but curious on build quality. #
  • @GlennF @ejacqui ditto! in reply to GlennF #
  • I had wondered about this too… Silly me for thinking Apple was surely smarter than me & already thought of & fixed it #
  • アエ ネヴル ヌ イト ワス ソ エス ツ タイプ カタカナ オん ア マク。 #
  • @VxJasonxV Not that easy, no. And yes, I knew specifically I was not typing real words. Rather was making a coded point to anyone who knew K in reply to VxJasonxV #
  • After a much shorter hunt than I expected, I've now tracked down all my old iPhones. The 2G has been hiding for a long time! #
  • As of tomorrow, I should be the proud owner of every iOS device model ever sold with the exception of the iPod Touch 1G. Passed on it sadly. #
  • @CrystalMcGee developer testing devices in reply to CrystalMcGee #
  • My brain made a noble attempt to try and mix the sound of the alarm into the dream again and not wakeup, but the Apple force overpowered it. #
  • @codepo8 double click but no double "tap" support? How unfriendly to modern mobile computing devices. in reply to codepo8 #
  • It's telling when your getting offers to go out and drink at about the same time as your waking up to hit the Apple store line. :( #
  • @codepo8 I just might do that. Not only "should" an app like that be mobile, the ipad is quickly becoming the main casual browser for many. in reply to codepo8 #
  • FUCK ME! :( #
  • It's 4 fucking AM and already I'm number 2 damn hundred in line. :( :( (@ Westfield Valley Fair Mall) #
  • Apparently nobody formed two lines and over 50% of people here are without pre-orders. Somewhat better I guess. :( #
  • @CrystalMcGee yep! in reply to CrystalMcGee #

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