Twitter Updates for 2010-06-17
Category: Twitter

  • Sounds like it's possible that Apple might pull off selling 1 million iPhone 4s in a single day if only they have enough inventory to do so. #
  • Wow… I'm actually tempted to buy one just to play with even if I don't like Android in general! /source @chadcat #
  • RT @badbanana: Eighty percent of success is showing coworkers up. (via @dustinwhittle) #
  • @yaypie totally false! Where's your research? Do you have any scientific proof to back up your supposition? in reply to yaypie #
  • All these sick people after WWDC are probably suffering from MiFi radiation poisoning (via @stroughtonsmith) #
  • @davglass I hate to say it, but man as kewl as @slicknet is, that video wouldn't motivate me at all to want to join the awesomeness here. in reply to davglass #

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