Twitter Updates for 2010-06-16
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  • @thekarladam what the hell? Why pre-announce that instead of just releasing? in reply to thekarladam #
  • @grahamhancock I can 100% confirm. It gets better! Not only will the only ship to billing address, you can't instore pickup either … cont. in reply to grahamhancock #
  • @grahamhancock there is a store local to your AT&T billing address either. I've done pickup and/or shipping every launch previous w/o issue. in reply to grahamhancock #
  • Holy shit the "Apple Store" app on iPhone kicks ass. Reserved an iPhone 4 for instore pickup (something I couldn't do online) in 60 seconds! #
  • @grahamhancock it's definitely true. Mine is tied to Kansas, so ditto. See my previous tweets about it around 3am for screenshots. in reply to grahamhancock #
  • @grahamhancock the only option it seems is to use the Apple Store iPhone app to make a reservation (they refuse online, but app works). in reply to grahamhancock #
  • @grahamhancock of course that means you have to fare the line, but better that than iPhone crossing country and back to get to you, IMHO. in reply to grahamhancock #
  • @kevindente yes, assuming you can get logged into the store. I saw the option last night after placing mine. in reply to kevindente #
  • I think Jobs must have heard the acronym BOGUS from Ballmers' 80s history and decided to repurpose for himself with an extra letter, BOGUFS. #
  • @abiligiris read my previous tweets for back story and it'll make sense. in reply to abiligiris #
  • YEF grants committee interviews this evening. Always inspiration each time I've participated. :) #
  • If your website makes prominent reference to "Netscape Navigator" as a browser, u FAIL. Of course we already knew this about u, right Adobe? #
  • If your website requires Flash, Java, and references Netscape Navigator all just to buy/DL a desktop app? You really FAIL! #adobe #
  • @Benatusa Yeah, mine is for the 24th (the one being delivered to BFE far away from me). I also have an in-store reservation for one too. in reply to Benatusa #
  • @Benatusa Seems persistence paid off for those who kept at it all day as now they are sold out. Source: in reply to Benatusa #
  • Why does it not surprise me Apple can be sold out for hours now and yet they still can't handle the load? #
  • Yahoo! is reaching more TVs in more countries! Today, we announced an expanded partnership with Sony. More: (via @yahoo) #
  • "You can do it with just a remote control. No keyboard, no mouse, … something that Grandma can _easily_ learn!" — #
  • @SteveStreza surprising how long it takes some people to catch on. Had an argument with one today that it wasn't superman on my shirt. in reply to SteveStreza #
  • @SteveStreza already left? At 10:30!? in reply to SteveStreza #
  • @SteveStreza @thekarladam never heard of drinking slow? :p in reply to SteveStreza #
  • ★ I’ll Tell You What’s Fair — awesome DF post in great @gruber form. Good example of why I bother reading him! #

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