Twitter Updates for 2010-06-15
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  • @heathermeeker really? That's generally one of my favorite segments to fly. Why do you hate it? in reply to heathermeeker #
  • @tarasis @mattgemmell I use MiWi on a JB iPhone for tethering to an iPad. Basically the only reason my phone is JB'ed anymore. in reply to tarasis #
  • @foresmac they said it repeatedly at #wwdc over and over in reply to foresmac #
  • WebObjects: Because using a real web based shopping cart would have been too easy or logical or user friendly or scalable or …. </rant> #
  • iPhone 4 successfully put in my cart a while ago. Maybe sometime before dawn Apple will get rid of the "Ooops" when trying to click checkout #
  • Oh go FUCK yourself Apple! What's this utter horse crap about "shipping must be to your AT&T billing address". You gotta be shitting me! #
  • You had no problem shipping me my last iPhone to me at work (while I was in HKG no less), why the fuck can't I ship it there now!? Bastards! #
  • @augustjoki Were you able to reserve one for the PA store? It wouldn't let me, but I think that's because my billing addy is in a diff state in reply to augustjoki #
  • @augustjoki I got past that part several times. The part I was failing on was the "Complete Order" button from the normal shopping cart page in reply to augustjoki #
  • You know Apple, I was very tempted to grab a new Mac Mini tonight too as I need one, but no fucking way in hell now. You can wait 4 my money #
  • I gotta say, a 2.66ghz Core 2 Duo w/ 4gb RAM and 500gb HD all in a sweet looking case for only $986 is going to be tempting when I cool off. #
  • @augustjoki :( All the more reason I need to fix the billing address on my account. :(

    Such horse shit as I've _never_ had issues before! in reply to augustjoki #

  • @augustjoki Here's my sorry fate… Guess getting it on the 25th isn't the end of the world. in reply to augustjoki #
  • Apparently Apple could learn a thing or two from AT&T. Not only is their site up, but they pre-warn people: #
  • @mhedstrom I'd recommend pre-ordering from AT&T (shocked I'm saying this). Everyone I know who's used their site had zero issues ordering in reply to mhedstrom #

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