Twitter Updates for 2010-06-11
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  • @tenbus_uk 1) When are reports on a subject like that ever public? 2) The hack event went all night so I was awake anyway in reply to tenbus_uk #
  • @tenbus_uk err… my apologies… I thought you meant a report on the "outage" from that morning. As to what was in my tweet, probably soon. in reply to tenbus_uk #
  • Can someone who speaks Arabic please transcribe this word for word for me? I'm willing to pay for your time! #
  • If I have my glasses on I will be able to see the pixels on iPhone 4 just barely at 12" distance. With glasses off, where's the phone again? #
  • WWDC Beer bash (@ Yerba Buena Gardens w/ @yipe) #
  • WWDC beer bash (@ Yerba Buena Gardens w/ @yipe) #

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