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  • Easily the best PC / Mac ad spoof I've ever seen, involving Jane Lynch, Gizmodo, and iPhone 4: (via @chartier) #
  • For those in the US who have installed something called GM (coyness for NDA), can you confirm if AT&T tethering is enable-able yet or not? #
  • @michaelg I can't find any place on the website to add the tethering plan. Guess I will keep my primary phone behind & only upgrade dev ones in reply to michaelg #
  • For those watching the Job's Keynote from home, the difference was _really_ noticeable with new display, despite what it seems in the video. #
  • AT&T… It's amazing how well coverage is doing at Moscone, but what about the rest of town? I'm 7 blocks away and had to hit send 3x on SMS #
  • @tristan Oh, I know! I'm just waiting for the idiot posts to flood the net making jokes about them looking the same. in reply to tristan #
  • @tristan BTW, wanna grab breakfast somewhere? in reply to tristan #
  • My opening turn on a new round of Words with Friends? 63 points. My 2nd? 65. My sincere apologies @vxjasonxv, but I think you will lose. :( #
  • @adurdin I'm always up for more games! I'm jeremyjohnstone on it. Just want to comment on the fact I play slow though usually. in reply to adurdin #
  • Amazing how less polish @twitterrific has than tweetie. So what if Twitter returned an error? Don't trash my post & leave me w/ blank entry! #
  • At Delivering Audio and Video talk in Marina. Come join! (@ Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) w/ 53 others) #
  • @augustjoki my first mac was a mac plus, but that doesn't make me any better, especially since I went on hiatus from around 92-93 till 2005. in reply to augustjoki #
  • @michaelg yes, I know. I already did. (I don't use more than 2gb even with using JB tethering as is) in reply to michaelg #
  • @michaelg yeah, I have been running ios4 on my Dev devices since b1 too, just not on daily use phone. #
  • @chartier what details do you want to know. I remember the whole demo in vivid detail (was in love at first site with it). /cc @1password in reply to chartier #
  • @SteveStreza wish they used 5ghz for #wwdc network and ejected any person with AP on anything other than 2.4ghz range. Screws iPhones though in reply to SteveStreza #
  • How do you make it through multiple days of #wwdc without ever needing a wall outlet for any of your iDevices (laptop included)? @hypermac! #
  • @augustjoki several rooms I've been in don't have power. Besides, 3lbs in my backpack gives me power everywhere. in reply to augustjoki #
  • Near front of Presidio line for multitasking talk. Come find me to cut if you want. #
  • @jsnell @GlennF I've had near perfect 3G inside Moscone (definitely not outside). By far can't say that about wifi. in reply to jsnell #
  • @GlennF yes, they were. in reply to GlennF #
  • Re: @SteveStreza I found a place local that can make then same day. Price is about $10 each roughly. Should we do this? I'm game! in reply to SteveStreza #
  • @SteveStreza that pricing is with no minimum. Price goes way down if we buy a lot. in reply to SteveStreza #
  • @SteveStreza I'm going to try to work a deal in exchange for them adding their branding to it in xchange for cheaper price too. in reply to SteveStreza #
  • @GlennF I'm here first hand as well as am someone with significant wifi deployment / diagnostic experience. Email is userid at userid .com in reply to GlennF #
  • Re: @saurik huh? I've been in several #wwdc sessions today with Q&A and not heard one "no comment" reply. in reply to saurik #
  • You'd think Adobe would buy Flash a drink first. (via @mileskahn) #
  • @clint 25lbs of cubes? What might I ask are they? :) in reply to clint #
  • The iPhone 4 Retina Display is another obvious reason not to use images for text. I'm looking at you, Adobe/Wired. (via @KuraFire) #
  • Every time I try to use sed to do something which should be super simple I usually walk away frustrated. This sadly is one of those times. #
  • Holy crap! People paid attention to Apple's push notification telling them to turn off their mifis. Wifi works so much better now! #
  • I'm at The Cravery (829 Mission St, 4th, San Francisco). #
  • @importantshock While Textmate generally does what I need (and for all else there is vim), what is your opinion on BBcode? in reply to importantshock #
  • @SteveStreza @janeylicious I had four sessions today with Q&A. You just are doing it wrong. ™ in reply to SteveStreza #
  • @janeylicious Until I see u, I won't believe you're really here. Then again, I wouldn't hold it past u to be a holographic projection either in reply to janeylicious #
  • @importantshock yeah, meant BBedit, got Xcode on the brain I guess. What about it seemed un-OS X like? in reply to importantshock #
  • Say hypothetically somebody had video clips shot at yesterday's keynote, is there a ban on posting them? Photos are ok, but how about video? #
  • @augustjoki I think she was implying getting up early was somehow an excuse for doing ditsy things that evening. in reply to augustjoki #
  • Does anybody know what cable Apple uses to demo the iPhones on the projector (specifically during the keynote)? Is it possible to buy one? #
  • Annoyed at #WWDC schedule planners yet again for tomorrow morning. Multiple time slots with hard to decide collisions. Need to clone myself. #
  • @iTod Want to meet up for lunch? in reply to iTod #
  • Just noticed something interesting. The iPhone 4 is only 0.8mm thicker than the iPod Touch 3G. That's only 0.04" difference. Amazingly thin! #
  • @jeremynorris Sounds like your new perception of the EVO physical characteristics matches my own perception of the OS it runs. in reply to jeremynorris #
  • @SteveStreza when is that ever not the case? That place is like trying to fit everyone on a cruiseline into a single canoe. It's not pretty! in reply to SteveStreza #
  • I think I should've given this work project the codename "Black Hole Sun". I'm so exhausted and yet there's no light at end of the tunnel. #

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