Twitter Updates for 2010-06-06
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  • Anybody who has contact to @github folks, please help! Registration blocked do to many signups same ip at hack event #
  • @defunkt can you please help with this? ping me for the ip address if you need it. /cc @jf #
  • @kneath Yes, there is nothing immediately helpful and filing a support ticket I was afraid would take too long (it's a hack event) in reply to kneath #
  • How do you get a bunch of women fighting to be in front of you? Demo Windows 1.01 booting on an iPad! #rhok #
  • #geeky-moment-of-the-day hacked version of microsoft 1.0 on the #ipad /via @AnnaCurran – see my prev tweet! #
  • Very inspiring blog post about the women hacking at the Random Hacks of Kindness (#rhok) event in Nairobi: RHoK on!! #
  • @tenbus_uk nobody said the downtime originally started as intentional, but because of the extra bit of time we should be more resilient. :) in reply to tenbus_uk #
  • Have I ever mentioned how much I love script kiddies? Not as much as I love iptables, but that shouldn't matter, right? #
  • @kneath Small details:
    1) As a founder, he never has a day off (I speak from 1st hand experience)
    2) He's the one I know best personally :) in reply to kneath #
  • With speeds like this, you'd be amazed how fast you burn through 2gb of data. #att #tethering #washingtondc #

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