Twitter Updates for 2010-06-05
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  • @sloane you going to the CC/RHoK events this weekend? in reply to sloane #
  • @s_bergmann not strength, but rather foolish thriftiness I say. :) in reply to s_bergmann #
  • How do you know a website caters to mostly geeks? Stats like this…

    Visitor breakdown:
    Firefox: 44%
    Chrome: 28%
    Safari: 12%
    IE: 10% #

  • Just did a hallway lunch "driveby" outside a meeting at Microsoft's office. Glad that's as easy to do here as at Yahoo! campuses. #
  • @jf When are you landing in DC? in reply to jf #
  • Just dropped off the last of the DC crew to their beds and am now back at my hotel. Hackers around the globe are making fantastic progress! #

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