Twitter Updates for 2010-06-03
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  • Really wish AT&T had a plan like this:

    Unlimited M2M
    100 minutes voice w/ rollover
    1,000 SMS
    1gb data w/ tether

    All for around $60/month. #

  • @adurdin because nobody has written an app for that (that I've seen anyway). in reply to adurdin #
  • @adurdin I know Air Video has a button labeled "add to iTunes", but not tried it. The rejected app hacked into iTunes lib, this is diff. in reply to adurdin #
  • @pbur it shows when the counter was reset just below the value. in reply to pbur #
  • @GlennF backhaul is the relatively easy solution to fix. The core issue for AT&T is spectrum. Its why you have 5 bars but can't make a call. in reply to GlennF #
  • @ejacqui yeah, the joke just seemed weird via Engadget's take. It seemed more like "look over there!!" "what!?" "never mind, let's continue" in reply to ejacqui #
  • @pbur my guess is from then, not from the backup. That's purely a guess though. Wish I could remember from when I did that. in reply to pbur #
  • @adurdin uggg. You're right it seems upon testing. My apologies. Could have sworn there was an API, but guess there's just for photos only. in reply to adurdin #
  • @WootService please do, desperately want shirts before WWDC! Either same as on account with you or Twitter username @ Twitter username .com. in reply to WootService #
  • Odd… Very odd… Anybody else get one of these in the mail recently? Very surprising! #fb #
  • I love the fact my home network prefers IPv6 over IPv4. Still a shocker seeing how long my IP address is in shell last logs and on websites. #
  • @VxJasonxV As a matter of fact, I do. :) Got something you need help with? in reply to VxJasonxV #
  • What's the one thing you don't ever want to lose, especially not the night before a trip? Yeah, I'm the idiot hunting for his passport. FTW! #
  • @VxJasonxV I have mine configured as a tunnel, but have firewall enabled for ipv6. I've confirmed no inbound traffic makes it in. in reply to VxJasonxV #
  • @VxJasonxV One tip is that the router must be configured with a static IP for the public wan. Otherwise it won't make the tunnel due to bug. in reply to VxJasonxV #

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