Twitter Updates for 2010-06-02
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  • Looking Silly, Indeed — when will people learn it just makes you look foolish to be a staunch AAPL basher? #
  • Thinking of quitting my job to do this instead: /via @bgarlinghouse – Wouldn't retweet if I'd any chance 2 be picked :( #
  • My merge of disparate iTunes libraries finished last night it seems. I'm only missing 3 movies from the Drobo failure and nothing else! FTW #
  • Time to D/L a 1.2G file from work via VPN = ~10 minutes. Time to transfer that same file from laptop to desktop I'm working at = ~10m. WTF!? #
  • Beginning to wonder which is the limiting factor these days, my upstream connection or my home wifi network. Based on this, seems the later. #
  • 20TB of newspaper data with images: (via @mager) — The future of the web is open access to data. I for one am excited! #
  • @chartier @glennf Both of you are right, both are wrong in some ways. It depends on the tower. Might write a blog post as 140's too limiting in reply to chartier #
  • @ejacqui reading AllThingsD's account, it seems less ackward than reading Engadget's on that topic. Like he used it as an escape hatch. in reply to ejacqui #
  • @GlennF @chartier (short version) just because it's gigE out of some of the gear doesn't mean it's gigE all the way back to the MSC. in reply to GlennF #
  • I've been awake for ~2h now. iPhone went from 100% to 37%. Easy to see how someone could mistake the iPad for being magical in comparison. #
  • 2 hrs 27 mins screen on usage w/ iPhone and it's gone from 100% to 21% now. BT off, wifi off, 5 bars of M-Cell. Think I need a replacement. #
  • Really annoyed @woot. Paid $5 for "overnight shipping (Wednesday)" and not shipped yet. Account page says "allow five days to process". WTF! #
  • The Shop I Want – "it's not what I know that I'm worried about, it's what I don't know that's really interesting" #
  • AT&T announces new data plans for iPhone/iPad: — torn on whether this is a good thing or not. Definite pos and negs #
  • @fraserspeirs highly recommend Cerberus – I'm biased as I used 2 work for them, but I was a customer before that in reply to fraserspeirs #

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