Twitter Updates for 2010-05-25
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  • @lyndsysimon true, but I spent $15. 1) set min amt to use card if that's the issue or 2) surcharge cards (think that's "allowed" w/ @square) in reply to lyndsysimon #
  • @lyndsysimon visa/mc frown on it, but I don't remember agreeing against the practice with @square unlike with my previous merchant accounts. in reply to lyndsysimon #
  • @tristan @mattgemmell I actually liked the white rabbit loading screen from the betas. Wish they had stuck with it. in reply to tristan #
  • Apple spent $4.6B on R&D and grew revenue almost $20B. Microsoft spent 7x as much & grew …?? Bueller? Bueller? #
  • @chartier Flash. iTunes I only use as a tool to sync my iDevices. Flash is subjected on me unwillingly by websites who don't know better. in reply to chartier #
  • Protip: Before getting livid mad that Javascript's Regexp doesn't handle the 's' flag, remember it's as simple as swapping .* with [\s\S]* #
  • Couldn't find any task-branded pee bottles at REI, so this Nalgene is going to be THE MOST CLEARLY LABELLED BOTTLE EVER. (via @someToast) #
  • I'm a huge fan of truthful brand marketing. This is a rare example where they are _dead on_ with their brand name: #

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