Twitter Updates for 2010-05-17
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  • Seeing these photos make me extremely hopeful I will be able to catch a launch before it's too late: /cc @schingler & @jf #
  • I haven't went and organized what's on which shelf yet, but I'm really happy with my home office closet remodel! #
  • Great thing about the fact an unimaginative idiot is born every min? There's an endless supply of unarmed folks to battle wits w/ on the net #
  • Am I wrong for thinking this is horrible? — link /via @codinghorror #
  • I either need to learn to cook using less dishes or I need to figure out how to convince my dinner guest why she needs to wash the dishes :) #
  • This would be awesome, if only it weren't for teh version whose number is 6 (and/or I was a webdev who used CSS) — #
  • @stroughtonsmith hmmm… Tempting… Very tempting… in reply to stroughtonsmith #
  • @sh1mmer wouldn't have helped much on this meal, but in general I do that. in reply to sh1mmer #
  • @derek I did grill tonight (among other dishes). There was the pan the meat was marinated in, grill utensils, serving platter, etc etc. in reply to derek #

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