Twitter Updates for 2010-05-16
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  • 15 yahoos (including me) just packed 21,800 lbs of oranges & 13,440 bags of almonds into boxes in 3 hours for the food bank. Go Yahoo! FTW! #
  • @VxJasonxV hmmm? in reply to VxJasonxV #
  • Didn't kill my back enough today, so now time to buy some Billies and go for gold. (@ IKEA – East Palo Alto) #
  • Totally failed at Ikea today. Last three times I came I had to use the roof to get it all home. Guess I can take freeway home. #brightside #
  • I was able to fit four extended height (8ft tall) 32" wide Billies in with room to spare. Where's my merit badge? #
  • I've died and gone to produce heaven! #wholefoods #
  • ProTip: If you love to cook, don't go to Whole Foods on an empty stomach. Your wallet will thank you immensely. #
  • @Benatusa 1) I live about 4 miles from One Infinite Loop so i wouldn't "travel" there 2) WWDC is in San Francisco, not Cupertino 3) yes in reply to Benatusa #
  • Is there no sales tax on groceries in California? If not, is this something new or did I just never notice before? #fb #

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