Twitter Updates for 2010-05-12
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  • @ericasadun binary form only? :( in reply to ericasadun #
  • @macgasm completely agree. I handle about 80% of my email via my iPad. in reply to macgasm #
  • Use networksetup to change AirPort networks from the command line. [tuaw] #
  • Environment failure! Even after pitching junk mail, this is a typical week's worth of mail. And I do paperless bills! #
  • Thank god for U-verse's free call blocking! Burn in hell @khols credit & collections autodialer (who I've never & will never have acct w/) #
  • When is enough, you know, enough? A story on the abusive business practices of @kohls department store to a non-customer. #
  • @yaypie Tempting as it is, I try to avoid court rooms and lawyers as much as possible. Maybe if it was criminal rather than civil matter… in reply to yaypie #

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