Twitter Updates for 2010-05-10
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  • I've been at the office for over 68 hours now (except for a quick 30m errand). Going home before I need to take my 3rd straight shower here. #
  • Finding more and more lately that there "is not an app for that" on the iPad. My needs maturing or … ? #
  • What’s the 1 thing iPhone OS has that other smartphone OSes don’t? The OmniGroup made $250k in 32 days w/ an iPad app: #
  • @rckenned aman brotha! in reply to rckenned #
  • @meekthegeek I need better quality everything (including meals), but halfway into a 20 hour coding spree I didn't want to break the momentum in reply to meekthegeek #
  • @sampullara how would that have helped? I had reduced the power setting and was only 1m in. It was popping like crazy, just smoking equally. in reply to sampullara #
  • Night and Day… Easy comparison between the success of the iPad vs the Apple Newton #
  • Robert Reich: ‘Apple Isn’t the Problem; Wall Street’s Big Banks Are the Problem’ #
  • "Adobe, you are in a hole. It is already very deep. Time to stop digging." #
  • @mdhughes I use nnw and it works "good enough". It's not "inspiring", but I don't have any real complaints against it. in reply to mdhughes #
  • Trying to get motivated to head to the office tonight. After clocking >100 hours this week (not including WFH time) it's proving hard to do. #
  • I should just move my bedroom into one of the conference rooms this week. The things one does in the name of Hack. (@ Yahoo! Building D) #
  • @pixelarchitect ICE Hack Day presentations are tomorrow. We had multiple concurrent hack days overlapping each other this time. Genius, eh? in reply to pixelarchitect #
  • @pixelarchitect With code like that, doesn't matter who's name you pick. Using your logic everyone is masochistic. :P </pedantic_geek> in reply to pixelarchitect #
  • @pixelarchitect Not denying it… Just saying I have an excuse other than just me being naturally abusive to myself as a means to an ends. in reply to pixelarchitect #
  • Apparently I dont clean my dry erase boards very often, just write over top of old stuff. I've got React /M2 code up there from 6 months ago #
  • Just realized the iPad dock works nicely with the iPhone. Added benefit is that the iPad charger seems to charge the iPhone much faster too. #
  • One benefit of it taking literally _hours_ to transcode content to make it ready for burning to DVD Video? My cube gets cleaned! #brightside #
  • Really wish iDVD would recognize I've got hardware accelerated video encoders on my machine and leverage them. Almost worth firing up FCP. #
  • @mdhughes Trying to figure out what's holding it back. It's only using about 280% of CPU, I've got boatloads free RAM, I/O usage isn't heavy in reply to mdhughes #
  • @mdhughes Interestingly, it seems that it flushes to disk in ~4MB chunks every ~3 seconds. The disk I/O usage graphs look pretty goofy. in reply to mdhughes #
  • Was just replacing the wax on my scentsy (making big mess yet again) and noticed, then shot using my iPhone, the best candle pic I've taken #
  • @stiiina I think it fits well… ;) :D in reply to stiiina #

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