Twitter Updates for 2010-05-07
Category: Twitter

  • The power of a typo… The fact all it takes is a single letter typo to nearly crash our stock system is scary!! :( #
  • Apparently jqtouch doesn't support swipe events on an iPad. Glad I just wasted the past hour trying to make it work. Gahhh! #
  • Jeebus… why is it so dang difficult to prevent the iPad from vertical scrolling a webpage… I just want the page to be fixed! :( #
  • I'm feeling deep sorrow for anyone subjected to the torture of developing web apps targeting iPhone OS at this point. :( #
  • Is there really no way to prevent default (ontouchmove event) on a <video> tag? Why is it so hard to prevent a user from scrolling the page? #
  • I just made a typo in my code which stopped it from working. Thankfully typos can't cause dramatic financial losses… oh wait… hmm… #fb #
  • So not fair! I just finished a killer freaking hack and nobody is here to see it! :( :( #

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