Twitter Updates for 2010-05-05
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  • @jamiei annoyed I couldn't find an ebook version. Paper books I'll only read once probably? No thanks! in reply to jamiei #
  • @Foursquare should invite me over for some lessons on scaling …as long as I get a special "Architect" badge! /via @bradfitz #
  • Why is it every app which has in-app purchase on my iPad is suddenly prompting me for my iTunes password on every launch? #
  • Figured out what the issue. I had started to download a Dr Who episode but airport wifi was too slow. Resuming it fixed the annoying prompts #
  • Apparently today is "be a stereotypical woman" day. I've never changed clothes so many times trying to find something to wear in my life #fb #
  • I feel a pittance of sorrow for those who give up early in a game… #
  • I would absolutely love a way to do the equivalent of PHP's __get() and __set() on a Javascript object. Reward for a Spidermonkey solution! #
  • Tech talk — at Google Crittenden Buildings #
  • Hello collective wisdom sources… Which is better and why:

    LogMeIn Ignition



    Please discuss and/or RT! #fb #

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