Twitter Updates for 2010-04-26
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  • @KuraFire sad how many providers use simply ANI to let you into voicemail without password. Spoofing phone numbers legally is easy. :( in reply to KuraFire #
  • Annoyed that Twitter still doesn't allow people to give someone permission to DM without requiring you to follow them. FAIL! :( #
  • @micsco What's open to abuse? Me explicitly saying "this person can DM me but rambles on about shit I could care less to see in my feed"? in reply to micsco #
  • @micsco Yes, definitely want it controlled. But following someone's tweets is not synonymous with wanting to allow them to DM in my opinion. in reply to micsco #
  • Played 3 games so far on Words w/ Friends. Lost one by 8 points. The other two were landslide wins. Averaged 110+ point spread on both. FTW! #
  • @yipe sweet! Looks like you nailed it pretty good this time. in reply to yipe #
  • Just realized over past week, I've prepared 12 meals at home and not one of them had any meat. Would've been vegan in fact except for cheese #
  • Finally decided to cut the cord. My Twitter and Facebook statuses are no longer linked. If you followed via FB, you need to re-add me here. #
  • @pixelarchitect eat yet? If not, I'm up for dinner. in reply to pixelarchitect #
  • @scottmac what date? in reply to scottmac #
  • This t-shirt was designed for people like me I think… #
  • Have a sharp pain about an inch behind my right ear which pulses every few minutes. Any ideas of a cause? :( #
  • Laying in bed reading twiki pages and web service API docs via my iPad. Isn't this what everyone does at 3:30am? Unexplainable insomnia FTW! #

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