Twitter Updates for 2010-04-24
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  • @stroughtonsmith I'm far from an expert, but I think you can't copyright that (well, the code yes, but not the concept), only patent. in reply to stroughtonsmith #
  • Unfair! :( When I did something "foolish" and was slammed by Gizmodo, I didn't have airlines offering me free flights! #
  • Apple controls 72% of Japanese smartphone market #
  • Serious question: When you use a service developed by a friend/former coworker which has begun to suck and is (cont) #
  • Reminding myself that all it takes is a couple trollish comments not related to what your joking about to ruin a well intentioned joke. #
  • @VxJasonxV me too. Usually avoid them, but feel compelled to share my experience and why I'm wanting to stop using it in this case. in reply to VxJasonxV #
  • The “Hole Hawg” of version control — "I think of Git as the Unix, and Mercurial as the Mac of version control." #
  • Why does NetNewsWire for the iPad use only TinyURL unlike pretty much any other app? It's like the untiniest of all the tiny URL shorteners. #
  • @izs furthermore, var foo=3,bar=9,baz=27;
    is Doing It Wrong(tm) too.
    Code readability/maintainability failure there. Like ifs w/o {}s. in reply to izs #
  • Thanks in no small part to the "ben diet", I've officially lost 12.1 lbs this week (since Sat night). Still +5 on the year tho. /cc @mrhalzy #
  • Anybody have a PDF->ePub converter which doesn't suck? And by "not suck" I mean have a similar appearance in both formats. Asking 4 to much? #
  • @janeylicious bet everyone else on the plane loves how you are hogging the bandwidth. ;) :P in reply to janeylicious #
  • @stroughtonsmith ideas of leveraging that to get iBooks to show PDFs? Most of my PDF->ePub conversions look like someone puked on the screen in reply to stroughtonsmith #
  • @janeylicious if you spilled the cup (thus maybe killing a precious), I would be complaining, but otherwise seems a fair usage of space. :) in reply to janeylicious #
  • A very wise man once said… "damn yql is really cool" I'm sure that is an ancient Chinese proverb as they knew all the cool stuff eons ago. #
  • @ramsey I have a friend with one. He likes it a lot. in reply to ramsey #
  • @stroughtonsmith ewww… messy. Especially bad when there are PDF readers on the iPad. Was just hoping to keep all my eBooks in a single app in reply to stroughtonsmith #

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