Twitter Updates for 2010-04-23
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  • @sampullara Facebook has never been known for reading even one page of any of the guides on how to make high performance webpages. in reply to sampullara #
  • I <3 Unix shells!

    find . -name "*.zip" -exec du -s {} \; | awk '{ total += $1 }; END {print total}' #

  • @sampullara that's really new then. Congrats to them, but also about time. ;) in reply to sampullara #
  • I joined the AVATAR "Home Tree Initiative". Check out my virtual tree! #
  • Really disappointed in the Avatar Blueray. Movie itself was as rewarding as before, but the lack of _any_ extra content on the disc is sad. #
  • I've seen horrible AIR apps, but man, the Avatar app you can download from their site takes the cake. Complete usability nightmare. Uggghhh! #
  • Wasn't sure how well I would like Avatar in 2D having only previously seen it in IMAX 3D before but I can now say it is still very enjoyable #

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