Twitter Updates for 2010-04-22
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  • @yipe WTF!? From the looks of it, seems intentional too. Uggghh! in reply to yipe #
  • @jessykate bad link in reply to jessykate #
  • Find it annoying that some iPad apps will flip horizontal one way but not the other. No good excuse for that to not be bugfixed already IMHO #
  • If You're So Smart, Why is Your ls Your Life Still a Mess? – /via @the_simplist @ScottHYoung #
  • @tristan I guess maybe because some are taking the newspaper as backup for lack of TP and not as a distraction source? IDK if I care. :) in reply to tristan #
  • @tychay agree! Website is in Flash. _must_ be socialist. #
  • If there was a photoshop plugin that could do this with the same level of detail & accuracy I would buy it in a second. #
  • Why is Windows a good idea in the corporate environment again? Feel bad for IT drones worldwide as this sounds "fun". #
  • The imagery coming out of @NASA (specifically @NASA_SDO this time) never ceases to awe and inspire me. /via @schingler #
  • Hmm… Run Android on an iPhone? Really!? iPhone OS is the good part, not the hardware, IMHO. Congrats tho! /via @comex #
  • @janeylicious all over the place up here. Friends w/ the owner of 2 and one tells me she just barely breaks even, but that's her only goal. in reply to janeylicious #
  • QOTD: "Someone has it backwards, it's HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, & H.264 that are open & standard, while Adobe's Flash is closed & proprietary" #
  • Previous quote via Apple PR. I'd personally argue h.264 isn't open because of it's licensing, but otherwise a pretty fair statement. #
  • @janeylicious depends in perspective. She's got a hole in the wall shop & doesn't advertise, but easily meets her goals (just breaking even) in reply to janeylicious #
  • @janeylicious her husband makes more than enough money (so she says). She does it to stay entertained and feel productive. in reply to janeylicious #
  • @janeylicious the other coffee shop owner I know I suspect doesn't "need" to make money from the place either, but not for sure with him. in reply to janeylicious #
  • Why would anyone mark @thecashmaker as spam? Money grows on trees right? !fb in reply to thecashmaker #
  • @gruber while I mostly agree with everything you've said on the matter, do you have any proof Engadget didn't buy the photos they published? in reply to gruber #
  • Explain this to me thee wise ones… I click on an ePub in MobileSafari. I get prompted to open the file in Good Reader, but not… iBooks!? #
  • Oh this just gets rich! Not only am I given the option to open the ePub in just Good Reader the app can't even handle that format (only PDF) #
  • @mdhughes hehe, I know the technical reason. Just laughing at the usability failure and missed opportunity. in reply to mdhughes #
  • My furnace is set at 60 degrees and yet it's kicked on multiple times this evening. It's a cold night in California. FTW!? Yeah, me neither. #

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