Twitter Updates for 2010-04-19
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  • Just had a new voicemail without the phone ringing despite having five bars of AT&T M-Cell coverage. Odd. Isn't it supposed to fix that? #
  • What is one of the best places to catch Aurora borealis and what time of year? Want to make a trip out of it in the next year. #
  • If the iPhone 4G proves to end up looking like the photos on Engadget, I for one will definitely be promptly buying one on release. #
  • @stroughtonsmith I tend to agree. Throwing in the towel just because you don't like Apple's policies seems rather unproductive and selfish. in reply to stroughtonsmith #
  • @stroughtonsmith if you don't like the policies, work to change them, then do something to prove why they are so wrong. in reply to stroughtonsmith #
  • Looking at Twitter trending topics and their associated tweets really makes me fearful for the future of humanity sometimes. #
  • @mlaaker disappointed I never ran into you both again yesterday after you finished eating. Where were you both hiding? in reply to mlaaker #
  • Two cats are having a shouting match on the fence. One scarily sounds like an injured small child. Amazing how loud they are from inside :( #
  • @BernadetteBalla glad you're ok now! in reply to BernadetteBalla #

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