Twitter Updates for 2010-04-15
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  • @al3x amen! Preach it loud and wide! You'd think sync was some impossibly hard thing to do. From personal experience, it's not. in reply to al3x #
  • If any non-US friends need me to ship them an iPad let me know. Done it more times than I want to count already so I'm familiar with process #
  • This makes me want to go and buy some new Pumas in a way. Creative! /via @gFNK #
  • @Benatusa yes, as long as they cover the fees. Not looking to make a profit, but not losing money either. ;) in reply to Benatusa #
  • Ok VMware. That's twice this week you have KP'd my machine. Should I start checking out VirtualBox? #
  • @subhrokar Not sure, but VMware has been causing kernel panics lately in the USB subsystem without any hardware changes on the host machine. in reply to subhrokar #
  • @ultramookie KP = kernel panic… :)

    I installed vbox on another Mac to make a tutorial and am quite happy with it. Might switch! in reply to ultramookie #

  • Inspiring quote from email: "I have to say it was one of the most meaningful things I have done in my life." — re: event I cofounded. FTW! #
  • @rckenned yep! Already on it thanks to your's and Sam's tweets about it last week. Any tips / comments? in reply to rckenned #
  • Wondering if there's some kind of kryptonite to the number 6 for open source prog languages. Perl and PHP have been stuck behind it for eons #
  • @chadcat couldn't agree more! in reply to chadcat #
  • @slicknet I've used my iPad on tons of wifi access points of all types/frequencies from 10+ vendors and not once had an issue. in reply to slicknet #
  • @wilshipley if a "stupid" rule drives away a "good" person, what does that say about them? in reply to wilshipley #

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