Twitter Updates for 2010-04-06
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  • Best usage of $174k I've seen all year. Go US Taxpayers! #
  • This has to be the most appropriate Scrabble tile rack ever considering the environment it was played in. Agree? #
  • This tweet sent from my iPad while riding in a car up the 101 to the city. iPhone tethering for the win! #
  • Holy smokes! Maps on iPad pinpoints exact position when tethered to iPhone via wifi!?!? Ideas how it's precisely correct even while driving? #
  • @basictheory yep! in reply to basictheory #
  • @tristan tower triangulation won't get you that close. This was near GPS accuracy. in reply to tristan #
  • Trying a new camera for concert photography at LIGHTS' performance w/ Owl City. (@ the Fillmore w/ 7 others) #
  • Lady at the BBQ place was picking on me for not finishing all the pickled sardines. She was "you no like?" and I replied "I ate two bowls!" #
  • Every time I leave the presence of @tychay I feel like I walk away a smarter man. #

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