Twitter Updates for 2010-04-05
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  • @mattgemmell I'm interested in one simply because of the GPS. If it wasn't for GPS, I'd not even consider it. in reply to mattgemmell #
  • The TV guide in the Yahoo! Entertainment iPad app sets an awesome bar for excellence in design. Must find team tomorrow and shake their hand #
  • I've never been a fan of Twitterific on any platform, until the iPad. Iconfactory set a high bar for quality Twitter apps right out the gate #
  • @blakespot for two day express delivery, I think it was $150ish last I checked. in reply to blakespot #
  • @rckenned I'd love it if it integrated with u-verse. We already have partnerships galore with them. Imagine using it to tune channel too! in reply to rckenned #
  • Waiting to see photos from @Mager intentionally destroying an iPad on concrete like he did the day he bought an iPhone, making fanboys cry. #
  • @davglass yeah, it's far from "perfect", but I do love many parts of it and am excited to see what maturity brings (from it and others) in reply to davglass #
  • @davglass I think my biggest issue so far is the lack of "pull to refresh". I'm spoiled by the apps that picked up that UI geniousness. in reply to davglass #
  • @netik isn't that a trick prize? :) Aren't they closed today like most other places? in reply to netik #
  • The universal app "Server Admin Remote" looks very nice except for one critical flaw, it only works against OSX server. Please make 4 Linux! #
  • @meekthegeek really!? How so? I've had utterly zero issues (not surprising) with that so far. in reply to meekthegeek #
  • Apparently I've spent the last 4+ hours in bed on my iPad. Despite that, it's still above 80% on battery meter. WIN! #
  • @svenburg it's cold and dreary outside! That said, yes, I'm leaving now for Easter festivities with friends in reply to svenburg #
  • @davglass I think you should buy at least two tomorrow. Give your kids all the advantages in life that we old people missed out on as kids! in reply to davglass #
  • I can now say I played a full game of scrabble on a $2,000 board (4x iPhones + iPad). Awesome concept, implementation a bit lacking. #
  • Anyone know if GameKit has low limit on # of players? Imagine 5-10 iPhone Texas Holdem "players" talking over Bluetooth to an iPad "dealer" #
  • @spullara I really (and others) liked the "each having own device" part, but the fact you had to touch both devices to play was ackward. in reply to spullara #
  • @slicknet sounds like you have made a poor choice in webhosting companies. PHP5 has only been out for nearly a half decade now. Progressive! in reply to slicknet #
  • Sounds like it's hailing outside. Now if only we could get some thunder/lightening it'd be a real storm. #
  • @danielpunkass ever seen the PictureMate lunchbox sized printers? AMZN shipped that in a 3ft x 3ft x 2ft box (big enough for 10+ of them) in reply to danielpunkass #
  • @spullara basically you push tiles from the tile rack on phone to the iPad then you use the iPad screen to place the tiles. in reply to spullara #
  • @spullara I went to SpaceCamp in Huntsville, AL but not been to the Cape. Hoping to make it soon (mad I'm missing out on today's) in reply to spullara #

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