Twitter Updates for 2010-03-30
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  • @basictheory why were you dragging a boat anchor? I've done that same trip in well under 5 hours. :) in reply to basictheory #
  • Still feeling a bit under the weather from the wild hog flu (Texas / #SXSW strain) I had last week, but headed to work anyway. Wish me luck! #
  • @basictheory Didn't the photo show you going 116? :P in reply to basictheory #
  • If I would find this insanely handy on an iPad, I can't imagine how much a real designer would find this useful: #
  • It might be time for me to stop following people who excessively live blog via Twitter. ~5 per hour on same topic, ok. 10+ in <10min, no. #
  • I wish I could lay my head down, fall asleep, and wake up few minutes later and it be 9am Saturday morning #
  • iPhone SDK 3.2 GM seed is out. Get it while it's hot! #iPad #

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